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With God as guide, Chaunte seeks the best

Published:Sunday | October 4, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Chaunté Blackwood shows off her trophy for winning The Gleaner's Children's Own Spelling Bee parish finals for St Andrew.

Half-Way Tree, St Andrew:

Name: Chaunte Blackwood

Age: 12

School: Ardenne High

Coach: Hanif Brown

Winning word: A-U-T-O-C-H-T-H-O-N-O-U-S


Top 5


1. Chaunte Blackwood, Ardenne High

2. Janelle Howett, Immaculate Conception High

3. Dane Jones, Ardenne High

4. Nyela Fearon, Ardenne Prep

5. Kyle Minott, Ardenne Prep

Quotes: "I am very, very happy about my win."

Chaunte's coach, Hanif Brown: "I am humbled. It was a lot of hard work, but not just the spelling. Our spelling programme is about developing kids, not just about teaching them words, but also strengthening their character. I'm sure all of them who have participated in our programme have learnt something valuable and they will take those lessons throughout life."

Chaunte on preparing for parish finals: "When I first started, I was a bit nervous because I was wondering, 'What if I was very rusty? What if I can't bounce back to how I was before?' But as our motto says, 'With God as guide, seek the best' and I really have to thank God for this victory today."

Hanif Brown: "A part of preparing Chaunte is that she's not just an experienced speller, she is also mature, and that is something that aided her. I also have to give credit to Wolmer's Prep, where she got her foundation and we give them thanks and thanks to the Ardenne family and everyone else for their support."

Chaunte on preparing for nationals: "I'm trying to find different ways to go through the dictionary quicker and make it seem less boring."

Chaunte is not new to being a parish champion; she held the title for Kingston in 2013.