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AUDIO: Opposition members walk out of Parliament in heated prison talks

Published:Tuesday | October 6, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Bunting to Holness... I am not taking that instruction!

Members of the Opposition this afternoon walked out of Parliament after the National  Security Minister Peter Bunting described the Opposition Leader as delusional.

Bunting was responding to a demand from Holness that he immediately abandon the deal being pursued with Britain to build a new prison here.


National Security Minister Peter Bunting responding to Opposition Leader Andrew Holness

"This deal is in not in the interest of Jamaica," Holness said. "We say to this Government, do not proceed any further with this agreement and we would want from you minister today, I put it to you, that you will give a commitment here today that you will not proceed any further with this agreement," Holness charged.

Bunting's reaction was swift.

"Mr Speaker I think the Leader of the Opposition is being delusional. He obviously believes that for the brief period for which he was Prime Minister he can still continue to give those instructions to Cabinet Ministers. He is not in that position anymore and I am not taking any instruction from him and that's final!" Bunting fired back.

Without another word, the Opposition members packed up their belongs on headed out of the chamber.