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Destined for greatness: Rural student blazing a trail at Wolmer's Boys School

Published:Wednesday | October 7, 2015 | 10:30 AM
Aldane Walters, youth on a mission.

YALLAHS, St Thomas:

Ambition goes beyond circumstances, and Aldane Walters of Newland district in Yallahs, St Thomas, is a true personification of this.

Topping classes ever since his days at Yallahs Primary School, the now-18-year-old scholar shines brightly as the head boy at Wolmer's Boys' School.

Much delinquency and misdemeanour are tracked back to the community and conditions under which children are raised. Walters' surroundings and circumstances served as fuel to his slick ride, his drive to success.

"I've never considered myself poor, but maybe, if I wasn't born where and how I was, then I wouldn't work so hard. Though sometimes I wish it was easier, the fact that I don't have everything at my disposal and that I have to work twice as hard, motivates me," said Walters, who admits that he has never fallen beneath the top-three mark in his classes.

President of the Debating Society, co-captain of the volleyball team, president of the Culinary Club, editor of the bimonthly newsletter and president of Wolmer's Press are just a few of the many hats that this young man wears.

Also a recipient of an award for excellence in reading and language from the United States Embassy, Walters' beams illuminate the small community from which he commutes to Kingston in the mornings.

Rural Xpress was curious. "Did you always know that you were destined for greatness?"

Walters laughed. "What a question. The thing is, I was never comfortable and still am not comfortable with where I am and where I grew up. I grew up seeing families struggling and seeing young people around me become unsuccessful, so I always wanted to get out of that," he said, adding that people have always told him that he would do great things.

happiness a goal

His goals stand possibly isolated among his colleagues' final wishes. Instead of aiming for simple success, the high achiever, who proudly reveals that he is a Christian, says his ultimate life goal is to be happy.

"Many people go through life and achieve stuff and they aren't really happy. I want to reach a state where I'm comfortable and can help those around me. I've always told myself that I want to reach the state where I can just get up and contribute a million dollars to a charity or home and feel nothing. I also want to do things for God. I've noticed that if I don't feel like my spiritual life is up, then I'm not happy; so for me, happiness means that perfect balance between spiritual life and natural life."

walters' mentor

Walters' aspirations reflect the current state of his mentor and role model.

"I really admire Bishop Errol Thompson, my pastor. He has the perfect balance between the natural and spiritual. He's a senior manager at an established company, plus he pastors two churches and still finds time to enjoy himself. What more could I ask for?" questioned Walters.

Determined to fulfil his purpose and armed by his support team, the head boy of Wolmer's presses on.

According to him: "My biggest fan and source of support is my sister. She's always looking out for me and we can talk about anything. Then there's my grandmother, who's always nearby with a word of encouragement. There's my mother, too, who does more than says in that she will toil for me to succeed, but says very little. Daddy gives me whatever I want, once he has it, and he's always boasting me off. I can't leave out my church family and friends, who are very uplifting."