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CRH reaps $8.5 from Rainforest Seafood Festival

Published:Monday | October 12, 2015 | 10:18 AM

In three years, the Rainforest Seafood Festival has contributed over $23 million to the improvement of health care at the Cornwall Regional Hospital (CRH) through the We Care Foundation.

The 2015 festival netted $8.5 million, which was presented to the hospital last Wednesday.

Brian Jardim, chief executive officer of Rainforest Seafoods, said that since the festival was launched three years ago, the net proceeds of the one-day event have been turned over to the hospital through the foundation for improvement to the quality of health-care delivery.

Jardim said the festival gets better each year with over 10,000 patrons attending the 2015 Ash Wednesday event at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Centre despite heavy downpour of rain. The number of sponsors has also grown with nine new ones coming on board this year to show their support and give the fundraiser a 'shot in the arm'.

"It makes me really proud to see that this has taken on a life of its own," said Jardim.

But more important, as Acting Chief Executive Officer of CRH, Anthony Smikle pointed out, "The benefit so far has impacted many lives in this part of our country." He said last year's proceeds acquired a ventilator for the nursery and, with that ward now full, it was serving a very useful purpose.


This year's contribution from the festival will enable the acquisition of a bronchoscope, described by Smikle as "a critical piece of equipment for persons with blockages in their air passage".

He expressed profound thanks to Rainforest Seafoods, members of the We Care Foundation, and the many sponsors for their hard work and support, noting that they were helping to ensure that "the services delivered from this institution are of world-class standard".

Details of how the bronchoscope works were given by Head of the Ear Nose and Throat Department at CRH, Dr Winston Jadusingh, who said it was "vitally needed at this particular time".

Board member of We Care Foundation, Denny Chandiram, paid special tribute to Shelagh Jardim and Candice Craig for their pivotal role in driving the initiative. He said the foundation was charged with "making sure there is better health care at Cornwall Regional Hospital and that the doctors and the wonderful staff have the facilities they need to carry out their work in a way that is comfortable for the public".