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Kingston man, woman plead guilty to shopkeeper's murder

Published:Wednesday | October 14, 2015 | 6:48 PM

Twenty-nine-year-old Troy Smith of Arnett Gardens and 23-year-old Precious Williams of a Kingston address, today pleaded guilty to murder.

Smith and Williams have been in custody since 2012 when they were charged with the murder of shopkeeper, Clayton Byfield, from Rock Hall, St Andrew.

They were both charged with capital murder, however, they pleaded guilty to murder.

A charge of capital murder means the act was committed in furtherance of another crime and carries the death penalty while murder attracts life imprisonment with or without parole.

The Director of Public Prosecutions accepted the guilty pleas and said it is now up to the court to decide on the sentence.

Smith is being represented by attorney-at-law, Tamika Harris, while Williams is being represented by attorneys at law Christopher Townsend and Kaysian Kennedy.

Sentencing has been set for November 6.

Meanwhile, a third accused, Andino Buchanan, has pleaded not guilty.

His matter is now being tried.

Buchanan is being represented by attorney-at-law Dr. Randolph Williams.

A 12-member jury was empanelled on Monday and the trial started today.

It is alleged that on March 16, 2012, Byfield was at his shop when he was held up by two robbers then fatally shot.

The police reportedly intercepted the getaway car being driven by Buchanan and Smith was found wearing the shopkeeper’s gold chain.