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Connecting the dignitaries - FLOW preens after being selected to provide services to Obama & Cameron

Published:Thursday | October 15, 2015 | 8:22 AM

Telecommunications provider FLOW is preening after being selected as the carrier of choice for visiting delegations of international leaders and summits recently.

FLOW had provided the backbone of the system used to transmit the visit of United States President Barack Obama live to the world when he visited the island.

More recently, FLOW was also selected to provide the technology logistics and backbone support for the visit of British Prime Minister David Cameron.

"The respective administrations reached out to us at FLOW, having heard of our network capabilities. The sheer scale of Obama's visit, in particular, required a network that was adequately equipped to manage connectivity at multiple access points and provide optimum coverage in and around areas where he visited," said Carlton Baxter, senior director of technology at FLOW:

According to Baxter, at the top of the list for Obama and Cameron was security.

"Cyber and overall technology security, in terms of ensuring that the highest levels of privacy, reliability and potency were available while on their official visit to the island.

"FLOW was the bandwidth provider of choice and the telecoms company delivered flawlessly, ensuring that optimum telecommunications services were provided without any challenges or glitches," said Baxter.

He said the transmission of live images and a clear uninterrupted signal was the desired result and FLOW delivered.


"In addition to seamless execution, the ability of secret service personnel to securely connect with the rest of the world were all points which resulted in official commendations for the FLOW team who worked tirelessly to make it happen."

Baxter said the growing needs of the population means that telecoms companies frequently need to reinvest in their infrastructure to expand its capacity and FLOW is now conducting major core and distribution upgrades on the mobile and fixed platforms in an effort to improve the network reliability, performance and bandwidth capacity that will allow for greater browsing speeds.

He added that this will see customers benefiting from a more robust and resilient network, as well as improved performance across the market, by the end of October.