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Footprints: Roslyn Rowe - A loving dreamer and mom

Published:Monday | October 19, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Roslyn Rowe

Roslyn Clemintema Rowe was born on May 7, 1938.

She grew up in St Elizabeth in a community called Fustic Grove, where she was adored by its members due to her never ending kindness.

Roslyn however, went to live in Shrewsbury, Westmoreland but her kindhearted nature didn't disappear.

She exerted this kindness towards everyone she met including her children.

Roslyn was a member of the New Testament Church of God located in Copper Wood, for over 60 years. She loved her Lord and was always praising him.

She loved God, but also another man.

In 1959 Roslyn married Dudley Rowe and they started a life together.

She took care of him and their seven children as she enjoyed cooking.

Carlene, Roysie, Ord, Delian, Latoya, Luke and Gaye who predeceased her were the seven lucky persons who got to call her 'Mama'.

Everyone would say their mother is kind but "my mother was selfless and pleasant" Delian remembered.

Roslyn never spared the rod because she wouldn't spoil the child.

"While growing up we use to get a lot of beaten" Delian recalled.

Roslyn was described by her children as loving, happy and a dreamer who enjoyed sewing.

She predeceased her husband who now morns her death.

They shared 56 years of marriage.

"She was a kind and loving wife and I love her very much."

Nakesha, Donya, Ricardo, Anesha Noella, Noel, Esther, Everet, Luke-Jr., Ord-Jr and Genesis are all Roslyn grandchildren. Along with her 11 grandchildren she had five great-grand-children; Kiara, Nathaniel, Franz Junior, Shayna and Delano.

"She was there for me, especially when I got pregnant she took care of me and my babies". I remember when I was living in Westmoreland and my spouse and I couldn't get along, mama told me to come home."

Delian continued to reflect on the time she spent with her mother.

"I miss her even though she was ill for a while I didn't like seeing her lying there unable to move. I knew that's not who she was and she was only like this from she got ill with chikungunya."

Roslyn Clemintema Rowe died on September and was laid to rest on October 10, 2015.

She leaves behind fun and loving memories to which her family and friends will hold on.

She is deeply missed.

-Rasheda Myles

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