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JPS says light bills to go down more than 7% this month

Published:Wednesday | October 21, 2015 | 9:54 AM

JPS customers are to benefit from another reduction in electricity bills this month.

According to the light and power company, this month's bills will go down by more than seven per cent as the company passes on savings from reduced fuel prices, to its customers. 

The Fuel and IPP Charge on bills for October is $11.58 per kilowatt hour, compared to the charge of $13.75 applied to September bills.

JPS says this will result in the total cost of $26.19 per kilowatt hour, the lowest in ten years. 

The company says a customer who consistently uses 165 kilowatt hours per month, will see their bills decline from about $4700 in September to just under four thousand four hundred dollars this month for a savings of over three hundred dollars. 

Despite the reduction, JPS is urging customers to continue to conserve electricity as the final bill amount depends on how much energy is used.