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Cuba says thanks

Published:Wednesday | October 21, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Cuban Ambassador Bernardo Guanche Hernandez has hailed the Jamaican Parliament for passing, for the seventh straight year, a resolution to lend support, at the level of the United Nations General Assembly, for the lifting of the trade embargo against his country.

"It is very important support. The blockage is not over," said Hernandez.

He said the fact that the Jamaican Parliament has considered and passed the resolution for seven straight years is "a demonstration of the strong, unwavering support by the Jamaican people for Cuba, and we really appreciate it very much".

He added: "We appreciate very much the support of Jamaica, in general, and especially, the Parliament today."

The House of Representatives on Tuesday approved a resolution brought by Industry Minister Anthony Hylton for Jamaica to support a call at the UN General Assembly for an end to the 55-year embargo.

"Jamaica and Cuba have a very strong relationship, and the relationship between Jamaica and the United States is very important," Hernandez said. "For us, what is very important, too, is a relationship among us that is good, and we are working in order to reach this situation with the United States."