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2016 X6 – BMWs Convention Breaker

Published:Monday | October 26, 2015 | 12:00 AMRyan Blake

Redesigned for the 2015 model year, the new BMW X6 secures itself as BMW's convention breaker. The sports-activity coupe is highlighted by its dramatically sloping roofline and muscular character lines. Vents channel air from the front bumper through the wheel wells, which aids with the vehicle's aerodynamics and reduces drag - also giving the vehicle an athletic appearance.

This sports-activity coupe (as BMW classifies it) is laden with features that can be altered to the user's preference. The interior of the X6 has been executed in typical BMW fashion, an elevated seating position and exclusive materials selected in the cabin.

LED tubing is present throughout the cabin and has an option for the driver to select one of three colours for ambient lighting.


The engine


The three driving modes invoke a distinct behaviour to the X6's performance and handling. This change is also evident on the vehicle's fully digital instrument cluster. EcoPro mode presents a blue background, Comfort Mode returns the gauges to a black background, and of course Sport Mode is highlighted by red accents, indicating the X6 means business.

The engine and exhaust notes of the X6 are audible in Comfort Mode. Activating Sport Mode engages a more aggressive growl.




While traversing through a riverbed that was once a road, the electronically controlled XDrive system sensed slippage at a particular tyre and quickly transferred the torque to ensure the vehicle was not stuck. The gear changes were smooth and effortless, propelling the car from rest within a few seconds, thus inspiring confidence in the vehicle's ability to leave others behind at the traffic light.

Laden with safety and comfort features, two that jumped out were the vehicle's 'soft close' automatic door feature, which closes the door with a motor that pulls the door firmly, quietly closing it.

The Comfort Access system allows you to unlock the X6 by grabbing the door handle, and to lock it by simply touching the grooved area on the handle. The side mirrors can also be folded, by holding onto the handle for a few seconds.

Back-seat passengers of the X6 have ample legroom with its flat flooring. The cargo area is expansive with BMW rails to secure items stored in the trunk. BMW has succeeded yet again in combining performance with exceptional handling in this latest version of the X6.


Technical Data


Model Tested: 2016 X6 XDrive35i - M Sport Package

Twin Power Turbo - Six Cylinder.

Produces 306HP - Top Speed 240KM/h

Fuel Consumption - 11.6 km / l


Key Features



Adaptive LED headlights


They adjust their light distribution automatically depending on the speed of the vehicle and steering.


Surround view


Parking aid that shows top, rear and panorama side view.


Multifunction instrument display


Provides visualisation of vehicle information.


Comfort access


Locking and unlocking of the vehicle using gestures and motions.


Price as tested


$14 million.




Mercedes-Benz GLC, Audi Q7, Range Rover Sport, Porsche Cayenne.

Vehicle Provided by: Stewart Motors, Contact: 904-4BMW

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