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Broadcasting Commission wants more Jamaicans to monitor the media

Published:Friday | October 30, 2015 | 1:40 PM

Chairman of the Broadcasting Commission, Professor Hopeton Dunn, is calling for more Jamaicans to actively monitor the conduct of the media.

Professor Dunn says from time to time the Commission has concerns about some of the messages being put into the public domain by sections of the media.

He cites certain music which promote violence and anti-social behaviour.

The Broadcasting Commission Chairman says these messages may sometimes influence the behaviour of school children.

Addressing an appreciation ceremony for retired teachers in Trelawny, he said the Broadcasting Commission continues to give guidance to the media about what is appropriate.

However, Professor Dunn says Jamaicans should get on board in monitoring how the media function in the society.


Chairman of the Broadcasting Commission, Professor Hopeton Dunn

The appreciation ceremony was held to recognise three retired teachers of the Salt Marsh Primary School.

They are Barbara Thorpe, Sadie Roper and Fay Davy.