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Judith Forbes ‘Preys on the Blessings of Prayer’

Published:Thursday | October 29, 2015 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Judith Forbes has devoted her life to enriching the lives of both the young and the old, through the comforting and prophetic words of the Holy Spirit.

Cedar Grove, Manchester:

Many cannot fathom how one woman gives so much of herself, her time and her resources to the advancement of those around her without much thought of her own needs. It is certainly not because she is armed with riches. Rather, it is a fortification of the blessing from on high.

Judith Forbes has devoted her life to enriching the lives of both the young and the old, through the comforting and prophetic words of the Holy Spirit. She has not only published her thoughts and the words of God for the benefit of readers, but she has used all the proceeds from the sale of these books to fund the education of those in need.

Having written six books so far, Forbes says her second book, Preying on the Blessings of Praying, has the been the most impacting.

"Based on the testimonies I have received, I would say this is the most impacting. Persons have even called me asking me to have it translated in other languages such as Spanish and French. This book is not quite a devotional ... . It's one of those pick-me-up books that you keep by your bedside. When you are depressed or when you are down spiritually or otherwise, you grab for it."

She added that her first book, Words Fitly Written, was done to assist students, especially at Northern Caribbean University (NCU), clear balances before exams. Realising that the book was not sufficient, she decided to do her second book.

"The book was small and it didn't have that many pages, so I dared to ask God for something bigger and He inspired this book. There are times when I get calls from persons who have read it and I just can't believe a book such as this is able to inspire so many."

With its dual role of providing funding for students and motivation for individuals, Forbes says the book has been used as a source of comfort for patients at the hospital. It has also been used a deterrent for criminal intent, in addition to providing part funding for children who need medication and school supplies.

"I have about 10 to 20 children who depend on me for help - from money for school to even medication. What I have done is build a relationship with pharmacies in Mandeville that allows them to fill prescriptions and then I pay off the bills when the money is made. Sometimes the money from the book is not enough because it is just $500 per copy, so I have to use all my salary. I return my tithe and then use the rest to help my children."




Forbes, who wishes for at least one member of every household in her community to be educated, says she will not stop until she is able to make this possible.

"Through this, I have began the preparatory work to start a ministry called 'Home 2k Ministries' - helping others more earnestly in my generation. I do motivational speeches, graduation speeches, and the response of young persons, especially, has blown my mind. I have to give God all the praise. This is not about me, it is all about God."

Having been inspired by the Holy Spirit to reach out to the police officers in the country, Forbes says her next move is to ensure that Preying on the Blessings of Praying is in the hand of every single police personnel in Jamaica.

"I want 2 Chronicles 7:14 to be fulfilled in Jamaica,. I want this to be a praying country. We need to repent and turn to God on our knees. There is a curse upon us, and if we truly act as the Christian nation we are, then even the crime and violence we face will be reduced. There needs to be united prayer in Jamaica and I am going to work on it for 2016," she concluded.

To contact Judith Forbes call (876)332-9797 or email home2kministries@gmail.com.