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Our Lady Of The Angels Prep Celebrates Culture Day

Published:Friday | October 30, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Students perform at Culture Day yesterday at Our Lady of The Angels Preparatory School at 78 Molynes Road in Kingston.

STUDENTS AT the Our Lady of the Angels Preparatory School were on Friday engaged in a number of cultural activities that took them back in time.

Through song, dance, and food, the students explored the various elements of Jamaican culture and also provided nostalgic entertainment for the parents who were present.

The performance from the students in grade two proved to be quite a hit as it provided a great deal of laughter for members of the audience.

The entire school was decked out in Jamaican colours and the traditional bandana. Display tables with various cultural items dotted the back of the quadrangle, which enclosed the stage area.


Important aspect of learning


Principal of the school Marcia Meredith said that Culture Day was an important aspect of the learning experience for the students as it exposed them to the cultural heritage of Jamaica.

"Culture Day is our term for celebrating Jamaica Day and our heritage so that the children can be aware of many things Jamaican and even what their parents themselves might not even remember, so this is the social area for them, too," she said.

"We have music, our folklore, our food, and artifacts on display - the good old dulsimina, the pail, the old-time coal iron - and we display our creativity in terms of art, dance, songs, everything that includes our African background, the slavery period and then now into the 21st century," she added.

According to Meredith, "The curriculum for integrated studies speaks about Jamaican heritage - food culture, ethnic background - and that goes right up to GSAT (Grade Six Achievement Test)."