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Footprints: Michael Bromfield - Happy and kind-hearted to the end

Published:Monday | November 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Michael Bromfield

The odds were not always in Michael Douglas Bromfield's favour, but he fought hard nonetheless.

Hortense McDonald and Cliston Bromfield were Michael's parents and they showed him love and comforted him throughout all his challenges.

Growing up in Niese Mountain, St Elizabeth, Bromfield had six siblings; Delva, Dorothy, Java, Jevene, Alton and Merva, who loved him and he loved them endlessly.

Bromfield did not get to complete school because he was ill, but this illness did not damper his spirit nor prevent him from being who he wanted to be.

Bromfield enjoyed cricket, the game of dominoes and he loved fishing.

At age 29 he began his treatment for renal failure at the Kingston Public Hospital and he remained a patient there for 17 years and the nurses and his family said he didn't waste a day of his life.

He was always happy. He was always encouraging. He was always kind-hearted.

"He was well with his soul and nothing prevented him from being a gentleman. He never knew the word 'no'," his sister Jevene reflected.

She added that her brother was a confidant and a caring soul.

His dialysis technician, Francine McCalla, whom he and everyone else called Michie, remember Michael as someone who filled all the gaps - a brother, a friend, an uncle.

"He was never a pretender and he was always encouraging," Michie recounted.

She added that there was never a sad moment with Bromfield as he had a laugh that was contagious. He thrived off people's smiles and happiness.

"Anyone who didn't get to know him missed out on an opportunity to meet one of the best human beings."

On September 19, just 14 days after his 46th birthday, Bromfield said his goodbyes and expressed his love to all his nurses and family as he knew he was going to go.

"He kept on saying he was going home with Jesus and that his soul was well with it," Jevene recalled.

Bromfield was buried on October 18 and his family is looking to start a foundation in his name to assist the Renal Unit at the Kingston Public Hospital.

Michael Douglas Bromfield is missed by many friends and family and they will continue to treasure his memory.

-Rasheda Myles