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Footprints: Tashell Lawrence - A quiet but happy soul

Published:Monday | November 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Tashell Nashell Lawrence was 20 years old.

Her parents Ionie James and Andrew Lawrence loved her very much.

Lawrence, who was sometimes called 'Slimaz', grew up in Orange Bay, Hanover with six of her 12 siblings.

Tanesha, Lotoya, Toyan, Tashana, Kereisha and Shavell enjoyed the time they spent with their loving sister.

They enjoyed growing up together, playing and even disagreeing as siblings do.

They remember Lawrence as a reserved and quiet person.

"She was always quiet, but she did enjoy socialising whenever she did it," Tanesha recalled.

Lawrence attended the Rose Hall High School. She is remembered as an intelligent girl.

She was well mannered, neat and understanding.

Despite her quiet nature, she was always happy.

She was a pleasant person and her home will not be the same without her.

Her parents and sisters and many friends are still in disbelief about her death.

Her daughter, Alexia, who is only two years old, will have to grow up without the love and touch of her mother as, on October 11, just six days after she celebrated her birthday, her life was cut short.

She had dreams she did not get to pursue. She had hopes but all that was lost.

The family and friends of Lawrence promise to continue loving her and they will cherish the memories she has left with them.