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New Reward Scheme Benefits Frequent Toll Users

Published:Thursday | November 5, 2015 | 12:00 AMJanelle Oswald
Guillaume Allain, managing director of TransJamaican Highway Limited, addresses a press briefing at the Portmore Toll Plaza in St Catherine on Tuesday.

Frequent  users of the Highway 2000 East-West will now be able to save money on their journey.

Drivers who make regular road trips throughout the week, including  Saturdays and passing through the Portmore Toll  booth, will be able to qualify for a free passage. This was revealed by officials of TransJamaican Highway (TJH), to journalists at a presentation and discussion at the Portmore Toll Plaza on Tuesday.
Starting Saturday November 28, TJH will begin its new Upgrade Frequent Users Reward Scheme along Highway 2000 East-West — the tolled roadways developed by TJH and operated by Jamaican Infrastructure Operator (JIO).
“As a business our duty is to constantly improve our services by making the highway better for all our customers and neighbouring communities and cutting cost is one of them.  This reward scheme will allow frequent motorists to save money on their journey,” said Guillaume Allain, managing director of TJH. He added that the tough economic times and acknowledgement of the needs of drivers were the reasons for  giving  drivers the discounts.

Frequent road users in the weekly cycle, who hold a class  one and class two tag on Portmore or Spanish Town leg of the highway, will get their tenth passage free. The week is calculated from Saturday 1 a.m. to Friday at midnight.  Each subsequent passage within the same time frame and  for vehicle classes one and two, who are tag customers along the two routes, will also be awarded a 10 per cent discount.

Delighted by the news, a West Bay, Portmore resident and  mother of three, Tanisha Campbell told The Gleaner  “Thank God.  Sometimes I drive through the toll more than 20 times per week to take my boys to school and do various after-school activities. I am very happy with  this news because  having to find the toll fee every time can be stressful.  Ten rides for nine is great by me.”

Echoing Campbell’s sentiments, Richard Cunnings who lives in Spanish Town said, “I am happy to hear that Highway 2K is giving back money especially for those who live in the toll area like me.  Every time somebody comes to visit, or if I need to make a trip, I must consider the fee before exiting or entering, so I am pleased we can all now save.” 

The Toll Tag is free so it only costs to top-up payment for service. Toll Manager for JIO Michael Kennedy told The Gleaner: “The T-tag enables quicker movement through any toll plaza because payment is automated. Customers should avoid stopping in the manual lanes and  quit worrying if you have enough cash to pay the toll. You gain more control as you track and manage your toll expenses as well as benefit from the applicable rebate offerings.”