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Pastor offers words of wisdom

Published:Thursday | November 5, 2015 | 1:34 PM- C. L.

THE Rev Joseph Rose of the Assemblies of the First Born, in Decoy, Toll Gate, Clarendon, had a message for all government agencies on Sunday.

At the national church service to launch Local Government and Community Month, he said: "Every government agency should seek God in prayer," if there is any hope of achieving success.

"We put everything to achieve objectives, but it is not working. You cannot fight spirit with flesh; you will lose. Prayer changes things," he urged.

With his message based on Nehemiah chapter four, with special emphasis on the verse: "So we rebuilt the wall till all of it reached half its height, for the people worked with all their heart," he urged that the people must be given a sense of purpose even while Local Government Month is celebrated.

"How can you rebuild when you do not have financial capability? We must pull the people together so it can be done by volunteerism," Rose said.

For the duration of his message, the underlying theme was the importance of prayer as he stressed time and time again that "prayer changes things".

Rose chided those who did not have a sense of pride for their country. He also commented on adults being litterbugs, instead of helping to keep the country clean.

"Money that should be used to finance programmes to help us is going into cleaning up garbage that you create," he said.

So-called 'bling mothers' did not escape his attention as he said many have their children on the streets begging and then turn around to use the money to facilitate their 'bling' lifestyles.

"Stop sending the children out to beg. It is not right. In the name of Jesus, stop it!" he said.

Rose also urged public and civil servants to continue to give of their best. "Do what you are called to do and make the sacrifice," he said. According to the minister, if there is one thing people love to do, it is "curse politicians and pastors".

"So if you can't manage it, don't bother come in it. You have to stay because you can't please people. They will hug you up today and crucify you tomorrow."

Earlier in the service, little Yonique Wright gave some food for thought with her dramatically delivered poem, 'Local Government', while Andre Alleyne offered encouragement with his powerfully-delivered song, Ride Out Your Storm.