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Tech Times: Tech Term of the Week

Published:Saturday | November 7, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Tech Term of the Week:


The term is usually confused with password only because both act as a security code for a user's device or personal information wherever it is stored. However, the passphrase is usually longer. While the password is limited from 8 to 16 characters, the passphrase may require up to 30 characters.

Most persons use the lyrics of a song, poem or a special quote as passphrases to authenticate a computer system. If a device does not limit the password then a passphrase can be used. Some computer systems will require a passphrase for other settings such as synchronising devices that are simultaneously logged into an e-mail, software or application. It will even be needed for computer users that utilise the cloud system to ensure utmost security of data stored. For example, Google Chrome users can synchronise their Google Account to ensure that whenever they switch devices, they will still have access to their personalised information such as bookmarks.

However, sync passphrases have its ups and downs. If a user does not have the best memory this can defeat its purpose. Also, if the user depends on the 'remember password' feature and goes back to view passwords in the settings once a passphrase is applied the passwords will not show. To change this setting, the user will most likely have to stop, clear and reset the Chrome sync then, if preferred, re-sync with a new passphrase (losing most of the settings or stored history applied).

Apps this Week:

GIF Creator for Android  - The GIF Creator on Android is easy to navigate, creating animated photo bursts into short videos up to 30 seconds. Android users can create GIF files directly from camera or with images from personal photo gallery. The application gives users various filters and editing options for the GIFs created via the app. Various sample GIF images are also available for reference in the main user interface, a few provided by the creators of the application and by other users. The user can view favourites, top GIF files of the day or navigate through similar interests as other users. The short videos created from the photos taken in a series of captures can be labelled, add text, revert animation and other popular editing techniques through the GIF Creator. It was updated in August, and requires users to have at least Android 2.3, it is approximately 3MB in size.

Boomerang for Apple (iPhone) - Now everyone can direct their own short videos with ease. Well, that's the impression of the new app craze Boomerang that iPhone user reviews gives persons on the outside. To the extent that many users have disowned Apple's Live photos. Boomerang was released by Instagram on October 22nd and is currently at a 4 star rating on the iTunes app store. The Boomerang application allows iPhone users to capture multiple images at a time and compile them into one file. The final product is a mini video created from a burst of ten photos that are in a continuous loop. The plus is that the mini video is of high quality. The individual using the app is able to interchange between the back and front facing camera. The mini video can be shared directly from the app to Instagram and Facebook. It requires users to have iOS 7.0 and later.

Video 2 GIF for Windows - Simple videos recorded or downloaded on a Windows phone can be converted to GIF formats with one app. The Video 2 GIF application for Windows phone users will take the section of the video and the user is able to set the size, the frames per second and / or trim the video to preferences. The app is free for Windows phone users; with minimal downloads the rating is 4.8 out of 5 stars. Video 2 GIF saves the final cut to the Photo Gallery in a transferrable format that can be shared on social media.