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Andrew's mansion talking point on PNP platform

Published:Monday | November 16, 2015 | 12:00 AMDaraine Luton, Senior Staff Reporter
Holness' house in the final stages of completion.
Peter Phillips ... PNP president Portia Simpson Miller is unlike other people who seek to use politics for her own advancement.
Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller raises her fist to greet Comrades in Portmore, St Catherine.

Andrew Holness' mansion has now become a major talking point on the political hustings.

Peter Phillips, the PNP campaign director while speaking in Portmore, St Catherine on Sunday said PNP president Portia Simpson Miller is unlike other people who seek to use politics for her own advancement.

"No one in a fi har party can ask her nuh question how she build nuh house with wall that cost billions and billions and billions of dollars. We have a leader we can trust. We have a leader Jamaica can trust," he said.

"Our leader, my leader, Comrade Portia Simpson Miller has given more than 40 years of service to this country. She has stood up for the poor and dispossessed in this country and she has a record that cannot be questioned by anyone," Phillip said.

"In those 40 years no one has ever accused her of looking out for herself. She has not sought to accumulate anything for her. She is not the kind of leader who has set about to build the biggest house in Jamaica," Phillips said.

Ian Hayles, MP for West Hanover and chairman for the PNP Region Six which covers western parishes, questioned why Holness has sought to build such a high wall around his mansion if he truly believes that he could make Jamaica safe.

"Why it taller dan di house?" Hayles questioned.

Holness, the Jamaica Labour Party leader, has been forced to respond to criticisms about the house that he and his wife Juliet have been building in St Andrew.

Holness has said that he and his wife, a real estate developer, have been saving for years towards building the house.

President of the PNP Women's Movement, Jennifer Edwards also took a jab at Holness for doing push-ups on the political platform in Spanish Town to prove that he was fitter than Simpson Miller.

"When a young man has to go to that extent to prove that he is as good as or better than a woman, it is a dangerous sign. Those men do not want to see women anywhere," Edwards said.

Phillips has told Comrades that the upcoming national poll is "perhaps the most serious election" as the party has a serious mission to perform.

"The mission is to continue to repair the foundations of Jamaica destroyed by the Jamaica Labour Party," Phillips said.