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Catholic College of Mandeville Advancing with Technology

Published:Thursday | October 29, 2015 | 12:09 PMKeisha Hill
From left: Thelma Neil, vice-president, academics; IT lab supervisor V. Evans; programme director J. Neil-Foster; student services coordinator C. Spencer, and admissions officer Kaycian Richards in the computer lab with students demonstrating the Moodle platform.

Faculty and students at the Catholic College of Mandeville (CCM) are now virtually connected as the institution has launched its flexible learning mode of delivery system termed Moodle. Students and staff are now able to access the best of both worlds - a virtual learning environment parallel to a physical learning experience - using Moodle.

According to Dr Laurette Bristol, president of the college, integrating technology in education every day helps students stay engaged and is the inevitable future of education. From the ease of communicating with their teachers, students at the institution will have access to an overabundance of information online - ranging from a particular course they are pursuing, a topic they have learned in class, to accessing relevant student information.

"Students will be able to access information from their classes if they are unable to physically attend class. They will not be left out of the learning process and will be able to be in tandem with what is happening. The staff have also been able to communicate via email and share best practices. We are now at the point where we even have faculty meetings from time to time online," Bristol said.


"We are moving towards a very 'green' campus. We are crafting and designing our resources so that our students can track their learning better. For example, when a lecturer marks a paper for a student, he or she can enter the grade at the same time. The grade is then released to the student, who can go into the learning space to view their grades," Bristol said.

Thelma Neil, vice-president at the college, said this combined form of learning is on par with international standards and how technology is being incorporated into education. "We are heading in the right direction. For us to now have courses available online, and student and staff accessing information from the website and the programme, is a major achievement for us here. It is a learner-centred environment that also gives the students an opportunity to learn on their own," Neil said.

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