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FosRich makes management moves

Published:Sunday | November 15, 2015 | 12:00 AMJanelle Oswald
Trisha Edwards, new general manager at FosRich.

As it eyes big energy changes in 2016 and beyond, FosRich Lighting Company has welcomed Tricia Edwards to its team. The former operations manager, Edwards now sits in the general manager's seat and in an interview with The Gleaner, she expressed how keen she was to get "tucked in" after studying in Canada for four years at the Association for Supply Chain Management Professionals.

Astonished by how advanced Jamaica has become, Edwards said, "Everything about energy in Jamaica has evolved; we have advanced into another new energy division. Things that were just concepts are now a reality - FosRich is leading the way in sustainable energy products such as PV panels, solar water heaters and solar street lights, and I have to immerse myself into learning this new side of the business. It's exciting times," she said.

Edwards, who attends the Swallowfield Chapel in St Andrew, said her new role includes "strategic sourcing, purchasing of products and services, along with the movement of information and people".

"Everything we do we achieve through people. People are our biggest asset and we have to mobilise them. I spend a lot of time working with people, ensuring that their needs are met. That's my big agenda; administration - from a people perspective and a product perspective."


Corporate Jamaica


Excited about the countdown to the Christmas holidays, Edwards said, "FosRich is all about bringing in new, innovative designs on tried-and-tested products. We keep abreast of world trends and all our customers will be delighted this. However, corporate Jamaica is in for our biggest treat."

"FosRich is inviting corporate Jamaica to solarise their business by giving away 60-90 days extended credit. We are also designing the plans to help our corporate customers by offering installation and maintenance; so the company is assisting corporate Jamaica to go solar."

Edwards explained that the nation needs to work towards alternative energy, and told The Gleaner, "Sun is a natural blessing and this is what we are pushing."

She noted that once corporate Jamaica embraces this concept, prices for products will go down much quicker and this is better for the consumer. "Houses will no longer be built without solar power, and, with the water issue as it is in the world, most people are now building houses and new offices with one or two water tanks," Edwards said.

This year, thousands of Jamaicans had no water for several weeks - this is fast becoming the new norm and it's only going to get worse. Edwards believes that Jamaicans need to find sustainable ways to pull on our natural resources.




FosRich, in collaboration with Phillips, is currently promoting an incentive for its customers. Anyone who buys 10 Philips LED tubes, or five LED bulbs, will qualify for an entry to win $30,000 towards their light bill. There will be one winner from each of its four stores.

Edwards lists the three main things which sets FosRich apart from its competitors as:

1) Helping their customers to find a product, or the best alternative, even if they don't have it in stock, or if the customer doesn't buy it from them.

2) Their commitment to giving first-class service.

3) Offering affordable and quality products every time.

Edwards sets high standards and aspires to be the general manager throughout the islands, "planting little FosRiches all over the Caribbean."

She states: "I would like to play my role in CARICOM, building the future for solar energy. We are not limited by water."