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Man wanted for murder arrested on Pelican Cay

Published:Wednesday | November 18, 2015 | 9:56 AM

A man the police say was wanted for murder was among five persons arrested on Pelican Cay, off the coast of Old Harbour, St Catherine on Saturday.

The five were arrested by the Marine Police who also seized a 32-foot boat and approximately 220 gallons of fuel.

It is reported that about midday Saturday the Marine Police were carrying out patrols, aimed at stemming the flow of contraband through Jamaica’s coastal waters.

The police say a check of the Pelican Cay resulted in the seizures and the arrest of the five men.

The police say the identity of the man, who was charged with murder, is being withheld to facilitate further investigations.

The other four men, who have been identified as St Catherine fishermen, were charged with breaches of the Fishing Industry Act.

They are 31-year-old, Leighton Lewis, of Spring Village; 44-year-old, Everald Dight otherwise called ‘Brown Man’, also of Spring Village; 40-year-old Courtney Johnson, of Dunbeholden, Portmore; and 37-year-old, Otis Brown, of Braeton.

The men are scheduled to appear in the Old Harbour Resident Magistrate’s Court on December 11.