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UWI offers new higher educational management master's programme

Published:Friday | November 6, 2015 | 12:00 AMKeisha Hill

If you are a school administrator or a teacher who would like the opportunity to upgrade your qualifications or move into another area of the teaching profession, the Faculty of Humanities and Education at the University of the West Indies (UWI) has developed a new master's programme just for you.

The Master of Arts (MA) in higher educational management is now open to professionals from post-secondary institutions who want to take the next step on the academic ladder. According to Dr Saran Stewart-Kennedy, lecturer at the School of Education and one of the writers of the course, it is an intensive research-based highly data-driven course.

The 36-credit course will be delivered over a two-year period to be conducted in two optional tracts. "Instead of a large research project, we are encouraging persons to cover a series of research courses in which they can opt for publication or presentation at a conference," Stewart-Kennedy said.

"Initially, the end projects are similar to a mini-dissertation with up to 16,000 words and not necessarily in a format that can easily be published. However, we are encouraging research and trying to find an avenue for the research to get out there," she said.


Professional development


Oftentimes, she said, research is done with valuable information which does not reach the wider community. The objective, she said, is for persons reading for the degree to become more marketable, not just getting a degree but becoming more qualified in their careers and using the information gleaned to impact change.

"There is a need for professional development of administrators and decision makers in the education sector. Here is an opportunity for them to take their qualifications to the next level. Bursars, administrative assistants, registrars and principals can take advantage of this course," Stewart-Kennedy said.

The course is accessible locally, regionally and globally and will commence as of September 2016, with the first 40 cohort target expected to be engaged. For half the cost of a regular master's degree programme, participants will pay just a little over $200,000 each year for tuition.

"We have to start treating our institutions as a business and ensure that we get persons enrolled not just from the region but globally," Stewart-Kennedy said.

Dr Disraeli Hutton, senior lecturer at the School of Education, is the main writer of the course and one of those who also worked for its approval, along with Dr Stewart-Kennedy. Stewart-Kennedy is anticipating a successful introduction of the programme that she indicated is the first among many planned economic viable initiatives of the faculty.