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Little is much when God is in it

Published:Wednesday | November 18, 2015 | 7:48 PMTamara Bailey
Victoria Campbell

Hanbury, Manchester:

There is no greater satisfaction that one can experience than that of giving, knowing that you have touched a heart and filled that which was void, even in the simplest of ways.

For years, Victoria Campbell has used her meagre salary earned from being a household helper to pool together much-needed items for the less fortunate and the vulnerable, with no expectation of being rewarded, but that her Heavenly Father will be pleased.

Hundreds of persons have benefited from items of clothing, food, books and personal funds from this God-blessed woman, and even her presence fills the hearts of many with joy.

"I guess I got this giving spirit from my mother and grandmother because I grew up seeing them giving. It is nothing I have to think twice about. I just love helping people who are in need, and it has gotten easier over the years because persons, like my colleagues and employers, will just bring me stuff and tell me to give it out."

With much humility, Campbell told Family& Religion that she has got calls from people right across the island - from persons offering items for her outreach and from those seeking assistance.

"I travel wide and far to help and to collect donations on behalf of the persons I help. I remember once I walked from New Green to Hanbury on the highway, then through a short cut with a big bag on my head for some needy persons, and, of course, when I was walking, people a look and a wonder if me mad. One young man say, 'You use to you load'. But I was just happy to bring the clothes for the people," beamed Campbell.


Campbell, who has four biological children, explained that the spirit of giving has been trickled down to them.

"When I visit them, I look around and see things that are not being used. I just take them or they will hand them to me because there are persons who have use for them. I tell them that once they have something in their closet for more than four months, they should give it away."

She added, "I hate to see people suffer, and the Bible tells us that the poor will always be among us, and when people come to me door, me cyan turn them back - I have to help them, man! I remember once this man came to me door and he asked for water. Then he asked for some syrup in the water. From him say that, I knew he was hungry. I had a little salt fish and some rice and I offered it to him, and he was so glad."

Believing that those who help are automatically rewarded by God, Campbell says she has proved it many times.

"God bless you tenfold, man. Sometimes as I give away the food, by the next few minutes, you have someone bringing something. It's a cycle, but I don't give to get. I give with a willing heart."

Among the list of her many deeds, Campbell is also known to spend many nights at the hospital with persons who are ill and in need

of treatment. She turns away from any praise, announcing that this is what the Lord wants her to do.

"I believe this is a calling on my life and, importantly to me, when I go out to help someone, I have to share with them the goodness of God. I want people to know the Lord and that He can clean you up and set you free. I ask Him daily to help me to be faithful to my calling until my dying day," Campbell ended.