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Footprints: Lucille Icelda Gayle - A selfless human being

Published:Monday | November 23, 2015 | 12:00 AM

A self less human being

When you think of passionate, you think of her.

When you think of kind-hearted, you think of her.

Lucille Icelda Gayle was a mother, a friend, a selfless human being.

Born in Manchioneal, Portland, February 19, 1943, Gayle was welcomed by her parents, Maxi and Catherine Gayle. She went to Manchioneal All-age School in the parish.

Gayle had five brothers - Fitzroy, Norman, Claudious, Renard, and Victor - and four sisters Janet, Bev, Gee and Peggy, who is deceased.

Her sister, Bev, remembered her as a caring person, and someone who was hardworking.

"From the day I know Lucille, she has been working. If she isn't selling, she is cleaning," Bev recalled.

Gayle was the mother of four children - Terel, Darlton, Yvonne, and Vivette.

They remember her as a daring mother who would do anything for them.

"My mother worked hard, but she always took care of us," Terel said.

Gayle moved from Portland to St Catherine, where she resided in Gregory Park up until the time of her death. She earned a living through self-employment.

"My mother enjoyed what she did for a living. She would sell clothes and, any day she was ill and unable to sell, she would be really unhappy," Terel recalled.

Gayle was a woman with varying traits. she was jovial but disciplined, caring and hardworking and, to her sisters, she was a role model.

"Lucille was that person you could look up to. she was always positive," Bev recalled.

Gayle died on November 3. a thanksgiving service was held for her on Sunday, November 21, at Christian Pen Seventh-day World Wide Church of God.

Her 13 grandchildren, along with other family members, met one last time to say goodbye to a selfless woman who dedicated her life to her family.

Lucille Icelda 'Pinky' Gayle will be missed, but her memories and values will remain with all the persons she encountered throughout her 72 years on Earth.

- Rasheda Myles