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2015 Toyota Alphard

Published:Saturday | November 21, 2015 | 12:00 AMKareem Latouche
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twin sunroof
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The Alphard is a full-size luxury minivan which has been in production since 2002 and is now in its third generation. Designed with an unmistakable front grille, this vehicle will always stand out on the road.


Who is this for

- An executive who wants more space than a luxury sedan can accommodate.

- A tour guide company that has rich clientele.

The engine:

Despite weighing almost 4,900lbs, the 2.5-litre engine was quite sufficient to carry this vehicle around. The transmission is very smooth and quiet and, once floored, you get instant acceleration. The vehicle also comes with tiptronic mode which I thought was unnecessary, due to its luxury chauffeur-driven aura.



The luxury features put this vehicle in a class by itself.

- Seats - Two of the passenger seats are equipped with leg rests and can be reclined to a flat position, which allows you to sleep as though you were on a bed.

- Twin sun roofs - the first sun roof that's above the driver and front passenger is a moderate size and can only be tilted. However, the second sun roof is huge and is meant to be enjoyed by rear passengers. It can be retracted and is equipped with a retractable sun visor.

- Lighting and Door - to add to the luxury atmosphere, there is ambient lighting in the roof with multiple colours to choose from. There is also a digital layout for the temperature adjustments and reading, along with automatic door opening and closing buttons.

- A/C - there are customised a/c options such as dual climate control for front passenger and driver. Rear seat passengers have the option to control their temperature using a designated rear-display screen.


Camera and Storage:

A drawback with this model is, there is no reverse nor around-view cameras. Luckily, the side mirrors are big and there is no protrusion at the back which should make proximity judgement easy. With so much room given to the various seats and the multiple seating positions, there will be very little storage space if seven persons occupy the vehicle.

If there are only four occupants, the third row of seats can be folded leaving enough room for at least two large suitcases.

Tested Model: Mid tier


Hp: 180

Competes with: Nissan Elgrand, Honda Odyssey


Ambient ceiling lights, Captain's Seats In Second Row with footrests, Medalist Body kit, Dual Rear Electric Doors, Three front and Side curtain Airbags.

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Vehicle was provided courtesy of Carland, 929-1433

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