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Corporate Hands: Keeping Education In Sight

Published:Wednesday | November 25, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Julian Patrick (left) and his wife Jeneve Patrick (centre) pose with Ministry of Education officials and organisers of the event at the launch.
Jeneve Patrick (left), Janet Walsh-Davis – cluster organiser, and Julian Patrick hold a copy of The Gleaner Spelling Bee books donated by the couple’s company, Insight Financial Services Limited.

The launch of the Grays Cluster of the Spelling Beez competition was supported by Insight Financial Services Ltd (IFS), which provided Gleaner Spelling Bee books for the schools in the tournament, which includes 18 government schools and 12 independent schools in the Corporate Area.

The launch was held on the grounds of Jessie Ripoll Primary School in Kingston on November 19.

Director of Insight Financial Services Limited Julian Patrick told the attendees about the need to invest, however small, in the education of our youths. "We believe that as stakeholders in Jamaica, it's not just sufficient for us to do well as a business but to do good for the community."

Jeneve Patrick, another IFS director, added, "The participating schools have done their part and the teachers have done their part, so it's for us to do what we can until we are able to do what we want in support of this initiative."