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Through thick and thin: Medical student chronicles her journey of life struggles

Published:Wednesday | November 25, 2015 | 9:17 AM
The cover of Renae Davidson’s book.

LYSSONS, St Thomas:

The struggles, hurdles and trials of life are no respecter of age and time. Life will throw you a burden whether you are old or strong enough to bear it.

But there are those who quickly dismiss the thought.

"She's just a child! What kind of stress is she talking about? Children have nothing bothering them but homework and what to wear to the next party."

Eighteen-year-old Renae Davidson begs to differ.

"I almost drowned once, my brother was beheaded during my CSEC exam period, my room was consumed by fire just before my CAPE Unit One exams, and when I thought my life couldn't get any worse, my father was taken away from us and placed behind bars just before my final CAPE Unit Two exam which would determine if I made it into medical school," Davidson told Rural Xpress.

regardless of


The young woman from the Lyssons community in St Thomas describes herself as a hard-working and dedicated person who strives to achieve greatness regardless of circumstances.

She says though she has been through rough times, her struggles have taught her how to appreciate the little things in life.

Inspired by many struggles and success stories, Davidson recently published a book called Through Thick and Thin: Ride Out Your Storm.

"It started as just a one piece of paper. My friend asked me to write something about the trials I have been through as a part of her group presentation on 'storms'. While I was writing, I was questioning myself if that was really my purpose, to be a motivational speaker.

"Anyway, two weeks later I had a dream about my book with that topic. I spoke to my mother about it and she gave me the go-ahead," Davidson said, adding that she has no regrets as the publication has been aiding her in paying her school fees.

Not only does the book

provide her with financial gain, but Davidson says people are encouraged to ride out their storms.

Davidson's book, which has two sections, one revealing all she has been through and the other encouraging others on ways they can overcome their struggles, is available at the University of the West Indies Bookshop, Mona.

According to her: "I'm now working on getting them into Kingston Bookshop. I also provide another service where people can make their payment to my account and within five days a copy is delivered to their address. So far I have sold over four hundred copies using this service."

pray, get up, move on

Davidson is now in her second year of UWI pursuing a bachelor's degree in medicine and surgery.

She was quick to share the routine she uses when dealing with stress.

"My first reaction is always to cry, then I pray, get up, move on my way, start smiling and encourage others."

The young author, who admits that she has read her book more than 30 times already, says it also serves as a source of encouragement to her.

"Every time I am faced with another struggle, I am reminded that I have already, gone through a lot, and I can make it through still, and also that

people are out there looking for another dose of encouragement, so I can't give up now," she said.