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Father/son team build mansions

Published:Thursday | November 26, 2015 | 2:21 PM
Florizel George Chambers and his son, Junior, work together on a construction site.

Fathers and sons do not always get along, but you can imagine the synergy that takes place between them when they do.

If you can't, then ask the Chambers and they'll tell you. Florizel George Chambers and his 31-year-old son, Junior Chambers, have the perfect working relationship.

Florizel, a man in his 50s, has been in the trade industry for more than 20 years.

Working in the Cayman Island as a professional construction worker, he decided to take his skill home and also to get his son in on the action.

Now, they are an inseparable two who are skilled in all things construction.

"We do everything, from foundation to roofing. We also do trowel on, a little welding, and Junior can also be considered an electrician," George said, while laughing.

"We love working together as father and son because we are the perfect team," he continued.

Junior had something to add.

"One of the benefits of working together is that we have more understanding of each other. We hardly find faults and when we do, then we can just reason it out and get things going again. Whereas, if we were working with others, then it would be much more difficult to settle disagreements, and that can be a waste of precious time, which could be better used laying more blocks or demolishing a section of a building.

Getting closer through work

"Working together brings us closer because now I get to see my father every day," he laughed, also adding that it keeps him out of trouble.

The Chambers have big goals for their business as they hope that it will continue for as long as possible.

"Even if I should retire, then I can rest assured that my son will carry on the trade. That is why I try my best to teach Junior all that I know and learnt while in Cayman," George said.

Junior had a promise for his father. "I will continue working to carry on the family name, and if my now two-year-old son and four-year-old nephew grow to become interested in this type of work, then I'd be happy to teach them what I know. But if they have their own dreams, then I will support them," he assured.

When asked if they actually enjoy what they do, George exclaimed: "It's my life!"

His son was more collected. "I really love this type of work. I've tried everything. I tried furniture work, electrical work ... everything. But this (construction) is my type of work," Junior said, adding that the fact that it gives him a chance to be around his father adds to his affection for construction.