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Published:Wednesday | November 25, 2015 | 3:39 PMTamara Bailey
Lanisia Rhoden making a presentation at a Rotary meeting.
Lanisia Rhoden giving career advice.
Lanisia Rhoden at the parliamentary building in Germany.

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:

'Likkle but she tallawah' may be the saying used by most Jamaicans to describe this woman of substance upon learning of all she has accomplished throughout the years and continues to accomplish.

Lanisia Rhoden may be slender in build, but is definitely no pushover. Rather, she is a trendsetter who has pushed the boundaries, giving hope to the hopeless and a voice to the voiceless.

Among the titles of chairman and founder of the non-government organisation, Young Women and Men of Purpose (YMOP/YWOP), Rhoden is also CEO - Le Monde Concessionaire & Catering Services Ltd, business advisor - Southwest Region of the HEART Trust/NTA Business Development and Workforce Solutions Department, secretary - Rotary Club of Mandeville, social enterprise fellow - The DO School, Germany (Packaging Challenge 2015), a young leader - Westerwelle Foundation Young Leaders Programme 2015 (Germany), founder - Link Your Purpose (LYP) (technology Social Enterprise, which helps youth achieve their career goals), Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar 2012-2013, and a certified mediator with the Dispute Resolution Foundation, and member of the Manchester Association of Mediators.

Where does she find the time? One may ask this, but her routine is pretty simple.

"In order to create balance, I have to schedule my activities. I create a weekly to-do list and check activities as they pass, as well as use instruments like Google calendar. I also have started to be selective about what I commit myself to. This is important because it helps me not to over-commit to tasks I know I won't be able to fulfil, and I also have to make time for relaxation. I am trying now to free my weekends, where I can rest, relax and rejuvenate my body, soul and spirit. I read a lot of self-help books and watch motivational videos, for example, T. D. Jakes."

Describing herself as an action-oriented person, Rhoden believes this is one of the biggest traits resulting in her being where she is.

"I have used it in almost everything I do. I believe it is because of this strength why I have been able to achieve so many of the things I have done today, especially as it relates to YWOP/YMOP. I am also a very good listener and helper. I like to listen to others. I tend to listen more than I speak and I am always helping others. I am a solution-oriented person, so once I hear of or encounter a problem, I immediately begin to think of a solution."

Numerous awards

Among some of the accolades she has received, Rhoden has been the recipient of the Manchester200 Business Women Recognition Award 2015; Commonwealth Youth Award for Excellence in Development Work 2013; HEART Trust/NTA - Women in Entrepreneurship Award 2014; Governor General Achievement Award for Excellence for Manchester; 2011, president, Rotaract Club of Mandeville, Jamaica (2011-2012); JCDC Miss Manchester Festival Queen 2009, and the Dean's Honour Roll for Academic Excellence, 2006 (University of Technology).

As one who has been actively involved in church and community, with the immeasurable support of her family, Rhoden affirms the call that to whom much is given, much is expected, and continues to give back to those in need.

"I believe that there are many young people who have the potential to excel, identify and fulfil their purpose and achieve great things, but many do not have that role model to not only look up to, but to speak with. To learn how that person did what he or she did, many of them do not have anyone to encourage them and provide guidance and mentorship to help them achieve their goals or dreams. I think it is my responsibility to offer this type of guidance to others and provide enlightenment to help them to see opportunities, hope and possible ways of identifying and fulfilling their purpose."

She ended: "My hope for the future is that young people, especially young women, will believe in themselves and understand their self-worth. I want to see a Jamaica where young people will have big dreams and not limit themselves to their surroundings. I want for them to take another step, the most important step, which is, taking action, as without action they will never be able to achieve their goals and maximise their potential. Don't be deterred by the nos, the failures, or even the mistakes, but be persistent and continue strive, and success will find you."