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Delegates elect new administration for Jamaica Union Conference

Published:Sunday | December 6, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Officers of the Jamaica Union Conference (from left) Pastors Meric Walker, executive secretary; Everett Brown, president; and Bancroft Barwise, treasurer.

Approximately 275 delegates at the Second (First Quinquennial) Session of the Jamaica Union Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists (JAMU) voted unanimously to elect a new administration to provide spiritual and administrative leadership to its more than 280,000 members for the next five years.

The session was held at the Mandeville Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Manchester from December 1-3.

Heading the team of officers and directors is Pastor Everett Brown, who was re-elected president after serving the Union in the capacity for the past five years.

He will be assisted in administration by executive secretary Pastor Meric Walker, who currently serves as executive secretary of the East Jamaica Conference; and Pastor Bancroft Barwise, who was re-elected as treasurer.

"It is always a privilege to serve God's people and His Church," said Brown.

"To have been endorsed by the delegates as their leader for the next five years is humbling. I do accept the responsibility, cognisant of the challenges ahead, but confident that whatever task that God assigns to those whom He calls, He usually provides the resources to achieve them."

Other directors and associate directors elected are:

- Sabbath School and Personal Ministries - Pastor Adrian Cotterell

- Ministerial, Stewardship and Trust Services - Pastor Astor Bowers

- Assistant to the president for Evangelism, Training and Development - Pastor Joseph Smith

- Youth and Chaplaincy Ministries - Pastor Dane Fletcher

- Women's, Children's and Adolescents Ministries - Dr Lorraine Vernal

- Family Ministries - Dr Lorraine Vernal

- Communications, Public Affairs and Religious Liberty - Nigel Coke

- Health Ministries - Pastor Dudley Hosin

- Associate Secretary - Doreen Grant

- Associate Treasurer - Sharon Barrett.

The directors for the Publishing Ministries and Department of Education will be elected by the new Executive Committee of the Jamaica Union Conference at its next sitting tomorrow and Wednesday at the Union's headquarters in Mandeville.

The installation service for the new administration will take place on January 3 next year at the Mandeville Seventh-Day Adventist Church starting at 3:30 p.m.