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He went to buy one ice cream and di likkle bwoy jus' stab him, says relative of dead Grants Pen teen

Published:Tuesday | December 8, 2015 | 12:00 AMKarlene Brown, Jovan Johnson, Gleaner Writers

'He wanted to serve his country', was the cry from relatives of Eric Morris, 16, a student of the Norman Manley High School in Kingston, who was stabbed to death late Sunday by another teen in their Grants Pen, St Andrew community.

The alleged killer is on the run.

One of the deceased's cousins, Akelia Whitely, told The Gleaner that the family has been devastated by the loss, especially because of the promise, they say Eric represented.

"The family has broken down badly. We have to be here embracing each other. His mother fainted, shi cyaa tek it, is har first boy", she said.

Whitely said Eric was involved in his school and community and was aiming to join the Jamaica Defence Force.

"A good boy eno! Him nuh give trouble. Love football and cadet. Him get good marks at school. All him talk bout is to serve and fight fi him country. Just one ice cream im gawn buy and di likkle bwoy just stab him kill him.”

She explained that the incident that ended with the death of her relative on Sunday may have stemmed from a confrontation a week before.

"The week before, Eric and him smaller brother did a play ball. The likkle brother left them and went to the house because he wasn't feeling well. The guy weh kill Eric, took the ball, but Eric tell him that him cyaa tek the ball and took it back. This week Eric guh buy an ice cream and the guy threaten im"

Whitely said after that threat, Eric, who was about to leave the shop made his final few steps.

"Eric tell him seh him nuh inna nuh talking and tell him seh him a waste man. When him collect di [ice] cream and a turn off, him get two stab inna him chest"

The younger brother is reportedly inconsolable.

The St Andrew North Police have reported that Eric was stabbed at the shop, but have so far been unable to provide any further details.

A grief counselling team visited with the deceased's family yesterday.