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Red Stripe lights up Christmas with new innovation

Published:Thursday | December 3, 2015 | 4:07 PM
Bottles of Red Stripe sorrel beer.

Red Stripe is no stranger to brand innovations, with its line of flavoured beers that have consistently exceeded sales expectations since the launch in 2012.

To herald the 2015 Christmas season, the brand has done it again. This time, Red Stripe has added oomph to the bottle design for its Sorrel Beer with thermochromic labels that literally glow. The label responds to temperature and lights up when the beer is cold for a Christmas-inspired look that lets you know your beer is ready. Innovation has remained a key pillar in the company's strategy to build value and grow its overall market share. The flavoured beer line made headway when it was released for a number of reasons, including that the bottles get cold faster and stay cold longer.

"We're growing and evolving with consumer demands," said Rory Burchenson, head of innovations at Red Stripe. "Each year, we want to bring new offerings and innovations that engage our consumers."

Innovation is big business when it comes to beers as companies fight for their share of an industry that is expected to exceed $688 billion in 2020, according to Allied Market Research. Light beers, like Red Stripe Light, account for more than $10 billion in the US alone.