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Fidelity banking on sedans this Christmas

Published:Saturday | December 12, 2015 | 12:00 AMDaviot Kelly
Nissan X-Trail: Want the very best midsize off-road SUV? Look no further. The Nissan X-Trail gobbles up any challenge and looks great doing it. Check it out at Fidelity Motors today.
Nissan Sentra: Say hello to the Nissan Sentra. Fidelity Motors midsize sedan with a recognisable name, but an all-new look.

The average Jamaican has a love affair with new and used Japanese cars, and Fidelity Motors, the dealers for Nissan, are looking to keep the love flowing.

According to David Crawford, Fidelity's marketing officer, this Christmas the company is pushing two of its eye-catching sedans.

"We have awesome deals going for our luxury sedan, the 2015 Altima (starting at J$4.5 million) and the entry-level sedan the 2015 Versa (starting at J$2.85 million)," he said.

"Both options give you three years of free service, with conditions apply, if the deal is concluded in December." Crawford also confirmed that Fidelity had received all its new models for 2016 and gave an indication of what were expected to be the head-turners.

"Our 2016 line-up has been fully refreshed and we are raring to go," he said. "We are expecting big things from the 2016 X-Trail Crossover and the All-New 2016 Frontier Pickup." He noted that despite being the season associated with buying, the last month of the year isn't necessarily the most profitable.

"Funnily enough, December is usually a low-key month in the auto industry, with November and January being high-sales months," he said.




Among its fleet, Fidelity also carries the nifty crossover Juke, the reliable SUV Qashqai, and the more rugged Pathfinder, which means there are vehicles for all sectors and needs.

"More and more Jamaicans are focused on value and quality, so I think our value model sales will actually outshine our luxury-model sales for the season," said Crawford. "We have had an excellent year so far, especially when compared to the past few years' sales. Hence, we are already happy, but are definitely hunting for some brawta!"

When asked whether the impending elections, though now for certain not to be in December, was affecting their modus operandi, Crawford said Fidelity encouraged customers to expedite their deals, "especially concession customers, as you never know what changes in policy will take place after an election".