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Footprints: Lloyd Ellington - Christian soldier fights no more

Published:Monday | December 14, 2015 | 12:00 AM

On August 15, 1938, Amy Ellington gave birth to Lloyd, hers and Edward's second of four children. Lloyd grew up in Ride, Newport, Manchester, and attended Bethabra Infant and Primary School and Sunday School at Bethabra Moravian Church. He had become a Christian at age nine.

He would later work at the Bethel Home with a team of Open Bible missionaries from the United States of America. He was also involved in various farm activities and was a skilled cabinetmaker.

Ellingtonwas one of the first students of the Jamaica Open Bible Institute, established in 1954. After graduating from Bible school, he assumed duties as assistant pastor at Newport Open Bible Church in Manchester.

He wedded Mavis in 1957, the year when he became a licensed minister. Their first child, Kenneth, was born in 1958. Two years later, he was ordained pastor. He eventually resigned his full-time secular job and took over pastoral responsibilities at the Newport church.

In 1963, Ellington began to work at the multi-denominational Bible Trade School in Newport, where he taught English, maths, Bible doctrine, and woodwork. The trade school was relocated to Kingston in 1964. It was moved again in 1965 to Wembley, Manchester.

Over the years, Ellington ministered at many churches. He retired from the ministry in 2006, and in March 2012 he and his wife were honoured by the Open Bible Standard Churches of Jamaica for their 55 years of service.

"Rev's love for his family knew no bounds. He was always sensitive to the needs of his son, Kenny. His wife, Mavis, whom he always referred to as Dear, was really dear to his heart. Pastor was, great chef and could usually be found cooking up a storm at home. He was truly a healthy eater and a very health-conscious person," Lenroy Allen, a fellow Open Bible minister said at his funeral, last Saturday.

The Rev Lloyd Ellington died on November 21, leaving his wife, son, daughter-in-law Dahlia, brothers Earnest and Joseph, niece Maureen, and other relatives and friends.

"Reverend Ellington played a long, fruitful, and faithful innings. Fifty-five unbroken years in the ministry and 58 years of unwavering marriage deserve a standing ovation," Allen said.

- P.W