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Petgrave tops them all

Published:Wednesday | December 30, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Maxine Petgrave (second left), a laundry attendant at Secrets Resorts and Spas in Montego Bay, collects her keys to her 2015 Suzuki Celerio from human resources director, Andrea Allie-Thorpe. Looking on are Emilio Huhn (second right), general manager of the hotel, and Deryk Meany, resident manager.
Maxine Petgrave (right) gets a congratulatory hug from friend and coworker Vanette Griffiths on winning a new car during the Secrets Resorts and Spas’ annual staff Christmas party held in Montego Bay recently.

Laundry attendant Maxine Petgrave is still smiling after being named as the 2015 winner of a brand-new Suzuki Celerio car during the Secrets Resorts and Spas' annual staff Christmas party.

During the staff party at the Montego Bay Convention Centre, Petgrave sat still after the announcement, not sure who the emcees were speaking of.

"When my name was called, I didn't budge. I was in disbelief. My co-workers said, 'Maxine, yuh nuh hear yuh name call say a yuh win di car'? I told them it wasn't me," Petgrave said. "They insisted that it was me and that I should go to the stage. But again, I told them, 'Mi say it's not me'." She was only convinced when a bunch of burly male co-workers literally lifted her off the chair and carried her aloft to the stage where general manager Emilio Huhn and resident manager Deryk Meany presented her with the keys.




Petgrave received the highest marks from a field of more than 30 nominees. She has worked across resorts in the tourism sector before being employed as a laundry attendant at Secrets Resorts since 2011. Growing up and into her adulthood, Petgrave had always displayed a reticent disposition and a willingness to go beyond the norm towards achievement.

The car, which is valued at over J$2 million, comes with a year of full insurance coverage, paid for by Secrets Resorts. This is the third car that management has given to an employee since it commenced operations in Montego Bay in March 2010.

Petgrave has admitted that she barely knows how to drive, but human resources director Andrea Allie-Thorpe has already given the commitment that Secrets Resorts would cover the cost to send Petgrave to driving school in the coming weeks.

Huhn said that the resorts' owners and the management team were proud of their innovation. He reiterated the company's commitment to give away a new car each year indefinitely to an employee who meets all requisite criteria.

Allie-Thorpe said the management team would continue to explore more innovative ideas with a view to implementing them in the best interest and the well-being of the employees.

Secrets and Sunscape Resorts and Spas are part of the AM Resorts Management Group. Sunscape became part of the group on August 1, with Secrets having overall management oversight for Sunscape.