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They made the news last week!

Published:Saturday | January 16, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Supporters of Raymond Pryce who journeyed from North East St Elizabeth to PNP headquarters last Monday.
A man speaks with a fire fighter as they look at the burning dwelling at 91 Duke Street.


PNP supporters from North East St Elizabeth


They had made the threat that they would travel to the party's Old Hope Road, St Andrew, headquarters to demand that their MP, Raymond Pryce, be retained to contest the next election, but not many expected the level of bitterness on display last Monday as party supporters vowed not to support the PNP if Pryce was not the man on the party's ticket.


Raymond Pryce


The embattled People's National Party MP walked away from his job as a deputy general secretary in the party after his supporters' boorish display made his position untenable.


Residents of 91 Duke Street


They lost most of their belongings in a massive blaze which destroyed the property metres from Gordon House, the seat of the country's Parliament.


Everald Warmington


The outspoken opposition member of parliament hit the front pages as he made a plea for the establishment of a special programme geared at providing employment and support for the thousands of young people leaving educational institutions annually.


Dr Carl Williams


The police commissioner's regular communication with the men and women he leads contained the jaw-dropping admission that some senior members of the Force were sexually harassing their subordinates.