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Footprints: Elsa May Binns - A true daughter of the soil

Published:Monday | January 25, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Elsa May Binns

A true daughter of the soil

Robert Pickersgill, minister of land, water, environment and climate change, was among many who took the time to reflect on the life of Elsa May Binns recently.

Speaking during the funeral, held last year at the St Matthew's Anglican Church in downtown Kingston, Pickersgill, in his tribute, noted that Binns was an extraordinary public servant who had a passion for country.

"Today, we celebrate a woman who has given herself unhesitatingly and generously in service to others. She has touched the lives of so many, and today we remember Elsa May Binns as a committed, dedicated public servant and a true daughter of the soil," Pickersgill told the gathering.

"It was my distinct pleasure to have worked with her for several years. We shared a lot not only as a minister and as a civil servant but as analysts of national issues. Anyone who knew Elsa, knew that she had a love for West Indies cricket in addition to her love for her children. She made sure all of them did well," he continued.

In a Footprints publication, the family indicated that Binns will be remembered as a mother, friend and counsellor.

"Despite being actively involved in family life, she was not prevented from accomplishing her many dreams, academic and otherwise."

"She entered the government service at 18 years old and retired at 59 years, holding various positions from administrative clerk, supervisor, acting permanent secretary, and retired as chief technical director. But while these paid positions gave her satisfaction, her greatest joy came from the many people she helped at work. She was mother, friend, counsellor, peoples' representative. She spoke to any and everyone. She was a woman for all seasons."