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Negril Chamber to lobby for halt on international funding for environmental projects

Published:Wednesday | January 27, 2016 | 1:30 PM

The Negril Chamber of Commerce says it will be lobbying Jamaica’s international partners to halt funding for environmental projects following the Government’s decision to allow a hotel developer to continue to remove sand from a Negril property.

The Chamber says it is appalled that the environment minister, Robert Pickersgill, has rescinded the stop order for the removal of sand from Karisma’s hotel in Negril to their property in Llandovery, St Ann.

It says Pickersgill’s action has shown that once there is money to be made, the environment does not matter.

The Chamber is questioning the logic of having environmental laws and an environmental regulatory body.

It says the move is a short-term and ill-informed position to take, particularly in the context of the Government seeking donor funding to protect the environment and mitigate against climate change.

The chamber says it will be lobbying all international agencies to cease funding climate change adaptation and protection projects until the government stops sacrificing the environment on the altar of expediency.

Negril Chamber of commerce Director Sophie Grizzle Roumel says Jamaica does not deserve funds from taxpayers in other countries for such projects.


Negril Chamber of commerce Director Sophie Grizzle Roumel

Grizzle Roumel says the Chamber is in the process of compiling a list of international donors to which to write.