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Jamalco Helps South Manchester School

Published:Friday | January 22, 2016 | 11:45 AMKeisha Hill
Community Relations Officer - Jamalco, Natalee Irving (left), accepts a token of appreciation from principal of Frankfield Primary and Infant School, Marcia Lewis.
A section of the newly constructed infant block at Frankfield Primary and Infant School.

The Frankfield Primary and Infant School has received a new infant block, constructed through the partnership of the school, community members and local businesses led by bauxite -alumina company Jamalco.

Manager of Corporate Services at Jamalco, DonnaMarie Brooks-Gordon, commended the school and its principal for the exemplary work they have been doing to improve the school environment and students' performance.

"You must be lauded for the outstanding work that you have been doing, your tenacity and drive to have the structure completed in such a timely manner," Brooks-Gordon said.

Marcia Lewis-Brown, principal of the school, reported that the school's academic performance has been improving steadily to date, with the school placing fourth in the Grade Six Achievement Test examinations among all primary schools in Manchester. Enrolment in the infant department has grown from 36 students to 96.

The new building boasts two large, airy, well-equipped classrooms, as well as a storage area.