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Orkin Jamaica Supports Zika Virus Prevention

Published:Thursday | February 11, 2016 | 5:11 PMKeisha Hill
Sadiq Miller, general manager of Orkin Jamaica.

Orkin Jamaica, one of the leading pest control organisations in the island, is encouraging persons to take the threat from the Zika virus seriously and arm themselves with the necessary information and utilise proactive measures to help prevent getting ZIKV.

According to Sadiq Miller, general manager at Orkin Jamaica, everyone needs to identify and eliminate the breeding grounds of the mosquitoes that are prone to warmth, moisture and humidity, and strive especially in stagnant water. Even a dime-size amount of water can be a breeding site for mosquitoes. They do not need much to reproduce and develop quite quickly," Miller said.

The frequency of fogging in several high-risk communities in all parishes has increased. Fogging, according to Miller, kills only the adult mosquitoes. Pest control, he added, minimises but does not eradicate the existence of the mosquitoes as they are a natural part of the ecosystem.

"Essentially, we have to get to the cause of the problem first. In some cases, they cannot be totally eliminated and this is where chemical intervention is used to control," he said.

According to Sehon Ho-Young, certified pest control technician, Orkin are more than just exterminators as they look to prevent infestations from becoming major pest problems, which could threaten health and property.

targeted approach

"This is accomplished by inspecting thoroughly, then identifying the pest or potential pest problem and using a targeted approach to controlling or preventing the pest infestation," Ho-Young said.

"Orkin offers an integrated pest management programme comprised of an effective combination of non-chemical and chemical treatment methods to achieve acceptable levels of control, with the least possible impact to humans and the environment," Ho-Young added.

Orkin Jamaica offers maximum protection from pests including mosquitoes, using the most advanced equipment in the industry.

Their specialists are the best qualified to help protect homes and businesses.