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MAGGI Boosts Community Feeding Programme

Published:Tuesday | February 16, 2016 | 6:41 PMKeisha Hill
Petrine Williams (second right), founder of God’s Soup Kitchen celebrates the donation presented by Wendy Robertson, consumer marketing manager for Nestlé, with community liaison officers Tracey-Ann Wheatley (left) and Valen Rabey (right).

When Petrine Williams received the call from NestlÈ Jamaica as part of MAGGI Soup Month, it was a welcome surprise and a great relief.

"We started God's Soup Kitchen Outreach Project by serving soup to the homeless and shut-ins in downtown Kingston and some surrounding communities, but recently, we have been severely challenged due to very limited resources," Williams said.

"This donation from NestlÈ Jamaica comes at the perfect time. Our team is excited to resume or feeding programme," she added.

"We thought it appropriate that we provide our support to some organisations which have been working to provide nutritious food to those in our communities that are not be able to do this for themselves," said Wendy Robertson, consumer marketing manager at NestlÈ.

The donation to God's Soup Kitchen Outreach Project was one of the activities included in MAGGI Soup Month, a month-long celebration to inform and inspire home cooks to explore the diversity, nutrition and economics of soup and to encourage homemakers to include soup as a regular part of the family's weekday menu.