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Tense battle in St Thomas Eastern - Dr Fenton Ferguson (PNP) vs Delano Seiveright (JLP)

Published:Sunday | February 21, 2016 | 12:00 AMEdmond Campbell




Fenton Ferguson - 8,018

Patrece Charles Freeman - 7,545

Voter turnout: 55.30 per cent of 28,364

Ballots rejected: 84

Despite calling himself the 'Five-star General', Dr Fenton Ferguson has obviously become less safe in the seat which he has held since 1993.

While there has been 10,509 new votes added to the list since he first became MP, Ferguson's numbers have been static. The 2011 general election was the first time he polled more than 8,000 votes, having twice polled in the 7,500 region.

In fact, since 1993, he has gained only 818 new voters while the JLP has increased its vote count by 1,900 over the same period.

Before the arrival of Ferguson on the political scene in 1993, St Thomas Eastern was the stomping ground of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

Only one PNP representative, Violet Thompson, in 1976, held the seat before Ferguson. It has otherwise been represented by the JLP's Isaac Barrant, Lynden Newland and Pearnel Charles.

St Thomas Eastern has four divisions: Bath, Port Morant, Morant Bay and Dalvey. In the 2011 election, Ferguson won all the divisions, with the exception of Dalvey.

There are 30,726 persons on the voters' list.


Winning Margins


1994: JLP's Isaac Barrant over independent candidate Albert Robertson by 7,625 votes.

1949: JLP's Barrant over PNP's Eric Young by 6,695 votes.

1955: JLP's Barrant over PNP's C.G. Kelly by 1,136 votes.

1959: Lynden Newland over PNP's Isaac Matalon by 2,940 votes.

1962: Lynden Newland over PNP's Joseph Matalon by 3,859 votes.

1967: Lynden Newland over PNP's Richard Hoffman by 2,440 votes.

1972: Lynden Newland over PNP's Seymour Stewart by 1,027 votes.

1976: PNP's Violet Thompson over Newland by 310 votes.

1980: JLP's Pearnel Charles over PNP's Winston Jones by 6,238 votes.

1983: Charles returned


1989: JLP's Charles over PNP's Franklyn Sephestine by 468 votes.

1993: Fenton Ferguson over JLP Pearnel Charles by 1,554 votes.

1997: Ferguson over JLP Dennis Wright by 1,509 votes.

2002: Ferguson over JLP's Wright by 1,326 votes.

2007: Ferguson over Dr Omer Thomas by 938 votes.

2011: Ferguson over JLP's Dr Patrece Charles Freeman by 473 votes.