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Be more for Lent - Rainforest says 'Yes!', and this is why...

Published:Tuesday | February 23, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Rainforest Seafoods products.

Be More! for Lent is the message currently broadcast nationwide by Rainforest Seafoods this season. Traditionally, though, Lent is a time known for its origins in Christianity, with many observing the tradition of giving up 'meat' products and most substituting the protein with a protein diet strictly consisting of fish. However, a common interpretation is having less of something, or in other words, a time to sacrifice.

It began on Ash Wednesday when followers of the faith observe and practise self-denial, atonement, prayer, repentance and alms-giving for 40 days to culminate on Good Friday, and the ultimate celebration on Easter Sunday to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the gospels, Jesus Christ is described to have endured 40 days in the desert constantly under temptation of the Devil, and returning virtuous.

In recent times, the Lent season has been typically observed by many Jamaicans as a time to 'give up a bad habit' and test their ability to endure without a vice or something usually enjoyed.

In this lies the answer to Rainforest's recent mantra: 'BE MORE!'. Rainforest firmly believes that this message can reach across a broad spectrum of Jamaicans. So while some are observing the period in respect of their faith, there are many others who observe Lent in an effort to improve their lifestyle.

Bethany Young, Rainforest Seafoods public relations officer, said, "Lent is a time for us to reflect on our choices and focus on making positive changes in our life. We can all be more, and now is the best time to show it. Whether you want to be more for your faith, your health, relationships, family or to your country. The truth is, Lent is an individual act of self-reflection, but since it's observed on a wide scale among the population the comprehensive affect is a benefit for the entire society."