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Rainforest Delivers Brain Food To Iris Gelly

Published:Thursday | March 3, 2016 | 11:28 AMKeisha Hill
Pictured (from left) are Huyance Gordon, Tiyawanna Mitchell, Beyonce Radcliffe, Aleka Thomas and Lemike Green, grade six students of Iris Gelly Primary School in Kingston, enjoying delicious fish burgers, courtesy of Rainforest Seafoods.
Corporate chef Evrol Banks (centre), with canteen staff members (from left) Tanya Wilson, Lambert Edwards and Nadine Wilson of Iris Gelly Primary School display one of the dishes prepared when Rainforest Seafoods hosted the training session to introduce the staff to delicious and creative ways of preparing fish.

Rainforest Seafoods has been providing its products since February to Iris Gelly Primary School students, during their Pray & Work Until Something Happens (PUSH), Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) Camp.

The company is supporting the camp to ensure that all students registered to sit their GSAT, have proper nutrition leading up to their exams next week.

"Fish contributes to good brain development and our hope is that this partnership will encourage children and their families to consume more of this nutritious food," said Roger Lyn, marketing manager at Rainforest Seafoods.

Rainforest's corporate chef, Evrol Ebanks, worked with the school's canteen staff to prepare child-friendly dishes including fish burgers and sweet and sour fish using Rainforest Seafoods' snapper fillets products, served with rice and mixed vegetables.

Meanwhile Veronica Gaynor, school principal said, "The children are very enthused, it's a great initiative to assist some of our students who come to school without a balanced diet," Gaynor said.

This partnership between Rainforest and the school forms part of its 'Be More' campaign, where persons are encouraged to do more activities that promote health and wellness, including the increased consumption of fish.