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Rochelle Banton Exemplifies the Strength of a Woman

Published:Wednesday | March 23, 2016 | 1:34 PMTamara Bailey
PHOTO BY TAMARA BAILEY Owner and operator of Sophisticated Offices and More Rochelle Banton.

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:

There is nothing that spells confidence like a woman who knows her worth, what she wants and is willing to work tirelessly despite failures and the taunts of naysayers.

Twenty-five-year-old Rochelle Banton has always been motivated by being told she is incapable of taking on a challenge. She has never sat idly by and with her natural abilities to assess markets and create offers to those who have demands, led to the creation of Sophisticated Offices and More located at G2 Annex Plaza, Mandeville.

Just two months into operation, supplying customers with furnishings for offices, institutions among other facilities and events, Banton as a young mother and pending tertiary graduate explains that her decisions were inspired by a passion.

"I realised that there was a demand for office furnishings in Mandeville and after doing my research, I thought this was a good avenue to get my thing out there," Banton told Family and Religion.

Having started her first business while in college, supplying fruits and vegetables in the area, the young entrepreneur who studied management studies with an emphasis in marketing, said she is in a better place to sustain her new business.

"I got funding from family members as well as from my own personal savings to start this business, it was a challenge initially to find a place that was big enough for storage and a showroom that wasn't costly, but it all worked out," said Banton.

The young woman who hails from St Elizabeth, left the parish to obtain a degree in her specialised field.

"As a new established business owner my number one challenge is having people taking me seriously and believing I am competent enough to do my job because of my age and how young I look. But instead of telling people I am the owner, I find them more receptive when I state I am the executive sales representative," Banton said.

On a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the highest, Banton describes her business as being at a seven as it relates to profitability.

"The business has been doing well and we have so far employed two persons. We are currently looking for local suppliers who can manufacture specified items," Banton shared.

The mother of a three-year-old son admits that the support of her family and friends is crucial.

"My mother, my fiance, my friends, my lecturer Edward Morris and my pastor, pastor Ebanks have been a tower of strength. My son is my number one motivation as I am not going to sit around a wait for someone to provide for him. My only true regret is that I didn't start this business earlier," Banton told Family and Religion.

With plans in place to expand the offerings of her store and open new branches, Banton is poised to continuing great work.

"You are never too young to do anything and even though as a woman it's 10 times harder, it can be done," said