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Church honours Christian teachers

Published:Thursday | May 5, 2016 | 12:00 AMRuddy Mathison

In an era when many believe that the church has a critical role to play in bringing about spiritual and moral awakening, many church leaders are now focusing on community-outreach initiatives aimed at achieving these objectives.

The Worship Centre, located at Old Harbour Old in St Catherine, for the past 17 years has positioned itself to fulfil this mission by focusing on the role Christian teachers in the parish can play in changing lives.

According to bishop in charge, Roy Johnson, the Worship Centre has embedded itself in the Spanish Town community and has emerged as a place where people can look for spiritual and moral guidance.

"We have decided that building bridges and being true to our mission of spreading the gospel through Christian teachers whose lives have brought about spiritual and moral persuasions in the classroom, is critical for the future of our country," Johnson told Family and Religion.

In furthering this objective, the church, at a special anniversary service held recently, honoured 14 Christian teachers from five schools in Spanish Town, two of whom have given a combined 67 years of service to the teaching profession.

Ingrid Clarke-Peter, teacher at Spanish Town High School has been teaching for 35 years, and firmly believe that a Christian-based curriculum in schools would help to change lives.

"I believe a Christian curriculum, if introduced in schools, will go a far way in changing lives," she said. "It should not be centred on denomination because we are not here to push our church, but students should accept Christ as saviour."

Finsdale Lightbody who is employed at Jonathan Grant High School and is in his third decade of teaching, is of the opinion that a Christian school curriculum would guide students into the truth that God should be respected.

"For me, restoring the image of God in man is the beginning of education," he stated, adding that he sees himself helping to bring back values by pointing students to what Jesus taught.

Casandra Gayle-Brown, Winnivette Bogle, and Denise Grant-McNeil of Horizon Park Primary; Donna Grey-Smith and Latoya Lewis of Homestead Primary; Stacey Bonswell-Goulbourne, Julane Francis-Bryan, and Gath Hinds of Inswood High; Esther Wills-Jackson and Nadine Ferguson of Jonathan Grant High; and Delcita McCook and Jason Williams of Spanish Town High, were the other Christian teachers honoured.

Johnson further stated that honouring these teachers for making a positive impact on the lives of their students, advances the church's mission.

"The lifestyle of these teachers, their teaching methods, and positive examples have helped to promote the life-changing message of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ," he told Family and Religion.