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St Mary wants more for ZIKV

Published:Friday | June 10, 2016 | 12:00 AMOrantes Moore


While the programme to sensitise the public about the dangers of ZIKV seems to have been largely successful in St Mary, some of the parish's residents still believe that more could be done to reduce the impact of the virus on the local population.

In western St Mary, Natalie Creighton believes more fogging is needed in residential areas. She suggested that the health care system was unprepared to tackle a large scale outbreak of the virus.

She told The Gleaner: "As a woman, of course, I'm worried about the health risks associated with ZIKV because when you think about it, is our health system really equipped to deal with microcephaly babies? I don't think so."

"Since April, I've seen a lot of fogging being done in Oracabessa, but I haven't seen much anywhere else even though we've had a lot of rainwater in this area over the past month. I think the fogging really needs to be ramped up," she added. Her comments were echoed by Maureen Medwinter.




"I'm worried because I've seen a lot of mosquitoes recently, and if it isn't here already, I know ZIKV will probably come to Jamaica because we have so many visitors. I think they fog the Beaches hotel in Boscobel once or twice every week, but I haven't seen anything being done in the nearby residential areas since February or March."

Blossom Edwards of the Farmers Heights community in central St Mary said: "I'm very anxious about ZIKV because the complications that can arise from ZIKV can be life-threatening for people who suffer from underlying health conditions.

"Health inspectors came to our community to talk about ZIKV and sanitation, but I think it's really for each individual to take responsibility and play their part in trying to make sure the virus doesn't spread," she said.