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Ajoni Williams set to soar

Published:Wednesday | June 22, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Ajoni Williams is on his way to Calabar High after scoring the highest Grade Six Achievement Test results in his school, Boscobel Primary in Boscobel, St Mary.

Although Ajoni Williams presently attends Boscobel Primary School in St Mary, the enthusiastic academic dreams of one day graduating from university, becoming rich, and flying aeroplanes for a living.

Encouragingly, he is now one step closer to achieving his objectives. After scoring the highest Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) results in his school (95 per cent for science; 93 per cent in social studies; and 84 per cent for maths), Williams earned a place at the school of his choice, Calabar High, one of Jamaica's best known educational institutions.

The clever 12-year-old, who resides in the nearby district of Galina, told The Gleaner: "When I found out my results, I was so excited and happy that I ran out of the class and started running around the school. These exams were important to me because I wanted to bring up my average from the 70s to 95 per cent and higher.

"Before the exam, I studied non-stop for two months. I found my books from grades four, five and six, and just started practising. If there was something I didn't understand, I tried to find some work that would help me to get better. Sometimes the work was hard, but I didn't get tired because it was something that I really enjoyed doing."

Looking ahead, Williams hopes to turn his dreams into reality and is elated that he will be attending Calabar High, a school whose notable alumni includes co-founder of the Red Stripe brand, Paul Geddes and former Prime Minister P.J. Patterson.

He said: "When I finish school, I want to be a pilot because I like planes and pilots make a lot of money. I have enjoyed my time here at Boscobel Primary, mostly because of the teachers. But I am really looking forward to going to Calabar because it's a great school on a beautiful property with great teachers, and good track and field, football, and cricket teams."