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I knew I would do well - Ramone Pugh

Published:Wednesday | June 22, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Ramone Pugh

Come September, Ramone St Patrick Pugh will be attending the school of his dreams, Glenmuir High in Clarendon.

The top male performing student in the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) at Free Town Primary said he had no doubt he would have done well.

"I believed in myself and I knew I was going to do well. I prayed a lot, and the other reason is I have a strategy that I used," he told The Gleaner.

Ramone said he didn't study a lot. Whatever he learned in class he retained, and then did "a little revision".

"I would not recommend it to others, though," he said with a soft smile.

With his mother living in the United States and his father working in Montego Bay, most 11-year-olds would have been distracted, but not Ramone.

"My mother and I have a close connection. She might not be here physically, but I feel like she is close. She motivates me a lot," he said.

Ramone, who lives in Longville Park, said he has no problems keeping himself motivated as he knows exactly what he wants. It also helps that he has teachers who wants the best for him.

"My teachers Miss Rose, Mrs Hunter, Miss Lumsden and my nice principal, Miss Brown ... they make my task easy," he said.

Although he was placed at his dream school, Ramone is aware that some of his friends were not so lucky. He reached out to them during the interview.

"When I heard I passed for Glenmuir, I cried tears of joy, but others were crying tears of sorrow. I just want to say I wish them the best and let them know that they are still lucky to be in a high school."